REGATTA GEAR is unlike anything else you will find in retail stores.   Our concept is simple; we sell direct to our customers through our corporate web site which enables us to pass the savings on to our customers—eliminating high retail markups. We wanted to change the culture of low-quality sailing shorts, sailing vests, and yachting apparel, and replace it with a world of high-quality, affordable pieces.

We provide our customers with fresh new looks, the finest of quality, a wide range of products, and most importantly, a great fit.

Established in 1996, REGATTA GEAR is a division of the BW Sales Apparel Group that specializes in providing quality yachting clothing to boat, crews, race teams and the weekend yachtie.  Our collection of sailing jackets and yachting apparel for men and women is engineered with fabric technology and innovative design features to set the trend for stylish performance as well as casual yachting wear and sailing shirts.

During our 15 years of business we have designed custom gear packages for many of the most high-profile international racing yachts in the world circuit, as well as outfitting the crews participating in some of the world's most prestigious yachting events, from the Whitbread Round the World Race, Big Boat In San Francisco, Yachting Cup in San Diego, Brut Cup in France, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, to custom gear packages for various yachts competing in the recent 2011 Transpac Race.

We look forward to outfitting you and your team for your next off-shore race, local regatta, or that most enjoyable weekend cruise.